Wedding Photographer Cardiff @ Sian & Trystan’s Wedding, Temple of Peace, Cardiff

Where do I start with Sian and Trystan’s wedding!?! If you know Sian you’ll know she loves a big show (as well as Trystan) and does it with style! The first great move by Sian was to get ready in the Angel Hotel in Cardiff just opposite Cardiff Castle. Traditionally the bride gets ready at their Mothers or their own house, which can work well, but in a hotel I’m almost always guaranteed good light and a lot of space to work in. The Angel Hotel is a great venue, I have to thank the duty manager, even though he told me off quite a few times for posing Sian’s dress around the hotel he stayed a good sport and didn’t throw me out (although I’m sure he was close to it a few times :)). In the Bride’s room there was a flurry of activity with the hair dressers (Hair Boutique, Crwys Rd) and make-up artist (Amy-Jade Hill) working away, Mother of the Bride and her sister’s all geting ready. Even so the atmosphere was relaxed and fun – until about 10 minutes after the time we were supposed to leave for the church and I had to get some shots of the Bride and her Father, it was a mad dash to the church through traffic in Cardiff on a Saturday afternoon. The ceremony was very heartfelt and also bi-lingual (English and Welsh), Salem Church is a lovely venue and the Reverend was very accommodating for me to take photos as long I didn’t move during the vows, which is fine I always try to move around slowly and discreetly during the hymns or readings to get my different angles. It was then onto a very unique venue for the Wedding Breakfast, the Temple of Peace in Cathays, Cardiff. It is an awesome building with towering pillars inside and out. As it was raining quite heavily outside we had to do the group portraits inside and I chatted to the caretaker who took me to an office where you could hardly fit 6 people to stand side by side and it was an office! Computers and fax machines, not ideal to say the least! I begged him to say there was somewhere else we could use and as if he’d forgotten about it he remembered the councillor’s chambers with it’s tall bookcases and high ceilings – phew! Back downstairs for the Wedding Breakfast which looked as delicious as it tasted, Sian had brought in the caterers – Five Star Chef. The speeches were very moving, I’m sure something flew in my eye around the same time as Trystan’s speech 😉 and the best man’s speech had me in stitches, always one of my favourite parts of the day. Thankfully the rain cleared up allowing us to go outside and do some Bride and Groom portraits in the fantastic nearby gardens. When we got back the band (Giles Room Jazz) had started up playing some very smooth jazz songs, the guests were already stepping up to dance. Sian and Trystan got changed into their evening wear and gave everyone a treat by performing a song and dance for their first dance – it was great! I’ve said more than enough, I’ll let you enjoy the images, please comment or like as I’d love to hear what you think – Tim x