Simone + Will’s Wedding, Monmouth, Gloucestershire

Simone is a bride like no other, I’m sure her now husband Will agrees. She was infectiously happy and excited on her wedding day, I really had to find my times when she didn’t have a huge beautiful grin to have some variety of shots.

After leaving the church I had a flat tyre after going through some country lanes to get to the reception, all the guests stopped to offer assistance but knowing that previously it has only taken me minutes to change a tyre and that in this particular lane there wasn’t enough room for cars to go by when I did it, I waved everyone on, probably over a 100 guests. Only when they were long gone I found out that the wheel had rusted on and wasn’t coming off, no matter how hard I kicked it and tried to get it off with all my strength!! Thankfully a kind couple stopped and gave me a lift to the wedding reception. Everyone was so very kind and considerate asking if I was ok when I arrived, a true reflection on how lovely this couple are. Tx