Ruth + Colin, Engagement Shoot @ Penarth Pier, Cardiff

One very early (7am start) morning in January I met Ruth and Colin at their hotel in Cardiff to take them to Penarth Pier for their engagement shoot. Ruth and I have been emailing each other since last September to try and organise a meeting as both her and Colin currently live in Wroclaw, Poland and are soon to move to Korea in the spring. So they were visiting family over Christmas and organising their wedding in Brecon in 2014.

The morning was freezing cold and very icy, I never know what a couple are going to be like when I meet them in person and I’m happy to say we got on immediately. When we got to Penarth Pier it was still pitch dark and the tide was coming in quickly so it certainly helped that I know my way round my equipment and managed to get some shots in because before we knew it the tide had reached the bottom of the steps. Colin very kindly offered to grab some of my equipment and we legged it to the stairs to be able jump up before the tide got too high, except for Ruth as one wave decided to lap over her boots before she stepped up, not before I grabbed my flash from her so that she had a free hand to get up, not that I was more worried about my equipment 😉

Sunrise just as sunset is the key time to get beautiful photos, but I have to admit there is something quite beautiful about the sun rising into view and I’m ashamed to have not seen it more often. There was absolutely golden sunlight and you might think I’ve saturated the colour in the photos below but if anything I had to do the opposite as the colours were so very bright and vibrant.

I’m happy to have met Ruth and Colin and as I hope with all my clients we have become friends and I truly can’t wait until August 2014! Tx