Raging Bull pacified, Simone & Will’s Engagement Session in Llanrothal, Monmouth

Ok so the Bull probably wasn’t raging but it was big and neither Simone or I wanted to go near it. Will on the other hand was determined to cross the field near their home to get to an idyllic walkway and bravely walked in front while Simone and I hung back, way back. With Will clearing the way we all got to the path and had to turn back as it was waterlogged! So we decided to take some photos near their home in the picturesque Llanrothal, Monmouth. We had a small amount of time to do the shoot as Simone and Will had to get to church to get their Banns read out but I’m very happy with the outcome and very much looking forward to what beautiful photos we’ll get from a full day at their Wedding at the end of August 🙂  Enjoy the pics, much love Tx