Photographer eaten alive on Lee & Steph’s 150 mile Engagement Shoot @Llandovery, Wales

It seemed like a brilliant idea for Lee, Steph and I to go on our motorbikes to Brecon and Llandovery with it’s beautiful views and hunt for a golden sunset. However the weather had it’s own ideas and we slightly misjudged how far and how long it would take to get there. Also what would be waiting for us when we got there. Like I said it took a long time to get to this beautiful vista in Llandovery, so much so we were racing to find somewhere high enough that still had sunlight, we found this beautiful viewpoint and settled in to start our engagement shoot. Within minutes we were getting bitten by tiny little midges, at first there were a few, then there were many and then there were THOUSANDS of tiny little midges. Needless to say I started screaming like a little girl running around flapping my arms and stopping for a few seconds to take a photo or two. We literally stopped here for 20 minutes and got back on the bikes and headed home as it was getting dark, knowing we had a long drive to get home. Lessons learned for an engagement shoot: 1. Set out early 2. Bring mosquito net / fly repellent if going into the wilderness next to water in the summer. There are but a few images and if we get a chance we might do another shoot before these guys get married later in August. Much love Tx (still scratching the bites as I write this!)