I’ve been back to School – Marianne Taylors Mnoo School

Hey Folks,

This week I’ve been on a wonderful 2 day workshop with the very talented, honest and pretty Marianne Taylor, the epic and authentic Ed Peers, a guest talk from the thought challenging Adam Alex and as you’ll see below the beautiful and sexy couple that is Emma Case and Pete Smyth stepping in as models for a shoot.

I learnt a lot about business and the technical wizardry that goes with being a photographer and I expected that, but what I didn’t expect was to start a journey of self discovery.

Why do I do photography? Why do I do wedding photography? What do I want to say with my photography? Where do I want to go with my photography / business?

I thought long and hard about this and that’s why only now I’m writing this today instead of yesterday. Something stuck in my mind on the first day of the workshop “A passion isn’t a hobby, a hobby is something you do to relax and unwind”. It made me understand Photography for me isn’t a hobby, photography gets me so charged up I often get up early because I can’t sleep thinking about it, I want to learn more, do more and accomplish more in the pursuit of it. I’ll do it all day and into the night and still get up at dawn to do it all over again, just like I did today.

What I want to say with my photography is that I want to show you how beautiful the world is around you, I want to capture those raw emotions and honest moments, the realness of events, the main performance and everything that is going on backstage.

Where do I want this journey to go? First of all I want it to keep going, I discovered you really can make your dreams come true, “if you think you can or you think you can’t you’re probably right” (Henry Ford). I want to keep meeting you incredible people out there, making new connections, relationships and capturing memories to keep forever.

Wow, that was a lot to get off my chest but I’m glad I’ve put it out there. Enjoy the photos and see if you can which one Emma and Pete start worrying that stag is coming!

Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0001 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0002 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0003 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0004 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0005 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0006 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0007 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0008 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0009 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0010 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0011 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0012 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0013 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0014 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0015 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0016 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0017 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0018 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0019 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0020 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0021 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0022 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0023 Marianne Taylor Mnoo Workshop_0024