Holiday Photos from a photographer on holiday

Hey peeps!

I’m catching up on a mountain of editing after my 2 week holiday, looking at my schedule for next year and it looks like it’ll be the last one I take in the British Summer for a few years. The photos included on this post were all taken with my iphone 4, I chose not to take my camera as I wanted to spend quality time with my family and quite frankly if I had my 5d with me I’d have been off chasing sunsets, architecture, irritating my family getting to pose for hours on end! I wanted to share these with you as I get to share lots of personal moments when I’m photographing weddings, engagement shoots and newborns and I wanted to give you something back. If you are looking for really professional photos please look at my other posts! these photos are hardly edited (edited on the iphone) and I’ve even left in some with my finger in shot, I wanted them to have a film feel, to look like my photos from when I was a kid. Show some love and leave a comment Tx