Hayley + Huw Country Wedding, Llys Meddyg, Newport, West Wales

Hayley and Huw have a habit of making me travel far away places, their engagement shoot was in Shoreditch, London and their Wedding was in the beautiful countryside of West Wales in a little seaside town called Newport. I arrived at the Bolton’s holiday home and I was immediately told that they were feeders and after a few cups of tea, cold drinks and a ham sandwich later they were proved right, they immediately made me feel part of their big day, which made it so easy to slip into the background and record everything that went on.

One thing that sticks out in my mind was how happy Huw was, every couple (you’d hope) are happy on their wedding day but Huw was absolutely beaming all day, proudness puffing his chest to have married Hayley, anyone could see he was the happiest man alive and the knowing look from Hayley and the slight smile to Huw confirmed that she was loving every minute of the day too. Love and frolicking (yes frolicking!) was definitely in the air this day as the guests and me included had a great time that continued well into the night. The partying was so loud that when I got to bed on a caravan site over a mile away I could still hear the party going on! Thanks to everyone being so kind and welcoming to me. Tx