Photo of Tim Bishop Best Photographer in Wales

It’s more than likely that you’ve found me either by someone thankfully recommending me or my amazing search engine optimisation skills (that’s my inner nerd speaking).

If it’s the former hopefully you’ll already know that I’m quite a friendly guy and I take what the most important people in my life describe as epic, romantic, personal and realistic wedding photos. Those important people are my wedding clients and friends, something which is mostly the same.

Photo of alternative wedding photographer Tim Bishop

I’ve loved imagery from a very early age and photography is my way of creating it. I’m more than thrilled and very grateful to be able to do it for a living, sharing your most honest moments and interactions and being able to capture them for you to remember forever. It’s a very precious honour and responsibility to be trusted to be your wedding photographer and that’s why I will approach your wedding as it’s the only one I’m doing all year and will go all out for it!

I really want to hear your story and find out how I can help capture the amazing part of it that is your wedding! So if you’ve seen a few photographers websites and something’s just clicked when you’ve seen mine, you want someone that will fit in and have a laugh with your mates and you think you could spend some time with – Please get in touch!